Ready for purchase, How Do We Know It's Jesus?   This six-year-old wants to know how people in the Bible were sure about who God is.  Children ask great questions. What a joy to hear of their interest in spiritual things. And praise God for putting that desire there. 

Kathy Banks is an author and self-publisher. 

Twenty years ago, Kathy authored Real Home School,

30 Proverbs For A Mother’s Heart (poetry), and

The Real Home School Handbooks. Available is her children's book, "Momma, Do You Remember When You Asked Jesus Into Your Heart?"

Her artist daughter is the illustrator for all the author's books. 


These stories are developed from the author's children asking these questions.  Isn't it amazing how years of Sunday School and just good lessons at home can bring about what we parents are always looking for:  our children's interest in faith? How wonderful God is to start the flame of faith and for us to be used of Him in those we love the most. 


 "We parents can be so busy that we may take for granted the short time we have to obey the holy calling on spiritually training our young children.  But we always love it when we've taken time out to just sit and talk with them.  There is something so special about our children's mind:  How they think and how they play.  Jesus said that He came that we might have LIFE and life more abundantly. John 10:10. Let your children enrich your life as they seek to be enriched by you. Work is a taskmaster, but every little child seems to know that parents need to play too."


Kathy lives in California with her husband of 39 years. 

She can be reached  on the contact page.



Kelly Renee is a portrait artist and has been featured in several venues in California.

Her media ranges from amazing pencil and photography to vivid acrylics and oils. She taught photo-realism a while.

Her pencil drawings are perfect images of the photo she draws from. 

She is available for any artwork you would like to commission her for.

Kelly Renee Studio may be contacted for art commissions on the contact page or click the envelope below.

Kelly can do any piece for you:  portraits, family pet, landscape, you name it. Sending in a favorite photo of whatever you'd like will help Kelly give you a great quote. Check out her Art page to see her work!


click for ArtPage

Learn how this Mom spent $500 in eleven years of home school.

Lesson plans, schedules & creative ideas meant to reduce the teacher's load and cost a whole lot less. You might even begin to find fun in educating your child. Throw off the stuffy old ways of traditional schooling and find Real Home School. That's my heart's desire for parents.

$12 for all 3 (Add $2.00 ship.)  or $5 per book.:

Kindergarten - 3rd

4th grade - 6th

Junior High - HighSchool. 

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